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  • By Dennis

    Different but love it

    Was introduced to this tea on a recent trip to Hanoi Vietnam - Hanoi Hilton Hotel Executive Lounge and absolutely fell in love with it. Yes it has a tartness to it but a little sugar or honey will elimanate that tartness if it bothers you. We had it every day as afternoon tea and have ordered some since our return from our trip. We won't be without this Hibiscus Rose Tea - we love it.

  • By Karin

    Very easy on the palate

    Love the smooth natural sweet taste. I find that 2 tsp. makes a nicer tasting cup. Brew correctly and you will have a new (another) favorite!

  • By Samantha


    These are perfect! I often have problems with infusers because the tea residue and dust will get through and into the tea. I don't have that problem with these!

  • By jenn

    Not my favorite EG, but not bad

    While it isn’t bad I find that it leaves me feeling a little meh about it. I love EG in any shape or form, but this one just doesn’t have the flavor I'm looking for. When I take a sip all I can taste is the vanilla. I need something just a bit more bold.

  • By Nicole

    Quite Decadent & Sweet

    This tea is quite decadent. Dried leaf aroma smells exactly the same as the way it tastes, which I always love. This is like drinking a nice, hot version of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet, but less sweet. The first taste is of a strong vanilla, then it ebbs a little bit into some floral fruit flowers, a bit of oak and rum, then comes back to the creaminess. Sadly, I think the oolong is a little lost in this blend, but it still tastes very good. I don’t think I could drink this too often since it is a heavier tea, but I have brewed it up several times and gulped it down before writing any notes!