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  • By Kristina

    A Beautiful Tea

    I bought a sample of this tea and loved it. First, the dry leaf mixed with the petals is absolutely beautiful. I steeped it in my clear tea press so I could watch it steep. The flavor was delicate and the mint did not take over, as I was afraid that it might. I drank mine without sweetener, but my teenage son added a sugar cube and some milk to it and really loved it. I think it would also taste nice iced. I will be adding this one to my wish list.

  • By Kristina

    A Nice Cup of Tea

    I enjoyed this sample. Lovely to look at and the flavors blend well.

  • By Kristina

    Wonderful Cup of Tea

    This is one of my favorite Persimmon Tree teas. Add some sugar and a little almond milk and it is a nice tea to satisfy sweet cravings. It is a great evening tea, since there is no caffeine in it. It is sweet and creamy and quite original. Love it!

  • By Kristina

    Love This Tea!

    This is a really unique, delicious tea. I love the look of the dry leaf with the pink peppercorns, chocolate, banana pieces, and apple bits. Sweeten it a little and who needs dessert? With a low caffeine content, it is a nice after dinner tea.

  • By Kristina


    This is a very nice peach tea and tastes great iced. It is a light, refreshing tea.