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  • By Karin

    Very easy on the palate

    Love the smooth natural sweet taste. I find that 2 tsp. makes a nicer tasting cup. Brew correctly and you will have a new (another) favorite!

  • By Samantha


    These are perfect! I often have problems with infusers because the tea residue and dust will get through and into the tea. I don't have that problem with these!

  • By jenn

    Not my favorite EG, but not bad

    While it isn’t bad I find that it leaves me feeling a little meh about it. I love EG in any shape or form, but this one just doesn’t have the flavor I'm looking for. When I take a sip all I can taste is the vanilla. I need something just a bit more bold.

  • By Nicole

    Quite Decadent & Sweet

    This tea is quite decadent. Dried leaf aroma smells exactly the same as the way it tastes, which I always love. This is like drinking a nice, hot version of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet, but less sweet. The first taste is of a strong vanilla, then it ebbs a little bit into some floral fruit flowers, a bit of oak and rum, then comes back to the creaminess. Sadly, I think the oolong is a little lost in this blend, but it still tastes very good. I don’t think I could drink this too often since it is a heavier tea, but I have brewed it up several times and gulped it down before writing any notes!

  • By Brandi


    This tea puts me in a summer/Fall mood. I always feel happy and festive sipping this.