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  • By Brandi


    This tea puts me in a summer/Fall mood. I always feel happy and festive sipping this.

  • By Brandi


    I had this tea at a friend's house. She told me it was a great help in her weight loss journey. Very tasty too.

  • By Brandi


    I love White Peach Tea. Great flavor.

  • By Amy

    The New Sweetener Standard

    It's rare for a product to live up to a sales pitch; this is one of those few times. This rock sugar adds a subtle sweetness to any tea, yet in no way does it mask its flavor. It's quite an experience to have, and one that I was pretty skeptical on before trying it. I have no idea how it could accomplish such a thing, but if you like sweetness and don't want to compromise the flavor of your leaves then this is definitely worth at least a try. If you are unsure then consider trying the sample pack. It lets you choose five flavors for the same price and also includes a sample of this sweetener, enough for a surprising number of cups [ Or one or two extremely sweet cups i'd imagine.]

  • By Amy

    Bold and Earthy

    Immortal Nectar combines a very bold earthy taste with a solid punch of wake-up. It's a healthy alternative to coffee and a perfect drink for that groggy morning before work or school. Comparatively speaking I found it to be very similar in flavor and strength to a strong black coffee [1 cup: 2 teaspoons]. While it's not to my personal flavor tastes, I do appreciate a good tea, and this is certainly on the list. If you're a coffee in the morning kind of person then I would recommend giving this a try.