Customer Reviews

Assam Gold

Tea Lover

This tea is wonderful. It really helps sooth my upset stomach, make me better focused at work, and assist with my breathing difficulties. I recommend this tea to everyone.

English Breakfast


The aroma is a typical English Breakfast, malty, bright, and a tiny bit of oak wood. Just what you expect from a breakfast tea without being too strong. The taste is great! Perfectly balanced with a blend of sweetness, malt, and a brisk finish. Good straight or good with cream and sugar.

English Breakfast

Different spin on breakfast tea

This is an earthy, smokey, rich breakfast tea. It almost hints at a cooked Pu'Erh but is very drinkable. No need for milk or sugar as it is a smooth cup but if you doubled the amount of tea it would take sugar very well. (I don't tend to like milk in earthy teas!)

English Breakfast

Great Start to the Day!

The title of my review pretty much sums up this tea. My morning was full of kicking butt and taking names because of this tea. As a former (occasional) coffee drinker, this is the tea I recommend to anyone looking to make the switch from coffee to tea. It's fresh, bold, and invigorating!

English Breakfast

Great Coffee Replacement

Just received a sample of English Breakfast, and the flavor is lovely. The aftertaste is wonderfully deep, and leaves you wanting more. I doubt anyone could get sick of this tea. I suggest letting your cup cool for a bit, so you can capture it's subtlety.

Vintage Black


This is a great everyday tea, and I prefer it straight up, without cream or sugar. A nice tea to come back to time and again.

Vintage Black

A classic indeed!

A very nice tea. High quality and exceptionally smooth.

Vintage Black

A winner!

This tea has a great aroma, and has a full flavor without being harsh or bitter. Also great iced.

English Breakfast


I really like this tea. It's strong, high quality, and it works well with other teas too (I like to mix it with Assam gold).

English Breakfast

A good tea

A very high quality black tea. Organic too.

English Breakfast

The perfect start to my day!

My day isn't the same without this lovely English Breakfast. I love to brew it strong so that it really wakes me up. I love its smokey scent and flavor. It's one of my all-time favorite black teas!