Earl Grey Heaven

A delicious fusion of organic black loose-leaf tea leaves, fragrant oil of bergamot and a touch of French vanilla, this divine black tea will fill your room with an aroma most heavenly! This creamy Earl Grey tea is rich and robust with refreshing citrus notes that will awaken your senses and put a spring in your step.

Our teas are packaged in small, medium or large airtight interior seal tins. These tins are perfect for storage as it protect the teas from moisture and light, which preserves the freshness of the teas much longer.


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Earl Grey Heaven Black Tea

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  • Earl Grey Heaven Black Tea
  • Earl Grey Heaven Black Tea
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Additional Information


Organic and Biodynamic Black Loose-Leaf Tea, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Oil of Bergamot, Natural Flavors


Refreshing, Bold, Fragrant, Organic



Caffeine Content


Steep Temperature


Steep Time

3-5 mins

Health Benefits

Containing a lower level of caffeine than coffee, this Earl Grey black tea promotes blood flow in the brain without overstimulating the heart.

This Earl Gray tea offers other health benefits such as:

  • Increasing mental focus and concentration
  • Stimulating metabolism
  • Lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol (after a month of drinking four cups of tea daily)
  • Improving coronary vasodilation
  • Aiding the prevention of diabetes as a result of its glucose-inhibiting properties
  • Helping expand/dilate the arteries, therefore increasing blood flow to the heart
  • Keeping your breath fresh, thanks to polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that stop plaque from clinging to your teeth (plaque build-up leads to bad breath, among other dental problems).

* Please Note: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek advice from a medical professional about any health concerns you may have. 

Steeping Instructions

Steeping loose leaf tea is easy. Simply spoon 1-2 tsp of desired tea into a tea filter or infuser. Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil and leave to cool just a little.

Pour water over tea and steep. Refer to individual tea information (above) for recommended temperature and brewing time.

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This Earl Grey has a wonderful flavor. It is quite pretty and I love to steep it in my clear tea press, so I can see the movement of the leaves and the organic cornflowers. It is my favorite Earl Grey and I've tried several other premium brands. One of my favorite Persimmon Tree teas. Try it with German rock sugar and a little almond milk.

Not my favorite EG, but not bad

While it isn’t bad I find that it leaves me feeling a little meh about it. I love EG in any shape or form, but this one just doesn’t have the flavor I'm looking for. When I take a sip all I can taste is the vanilla. I need something just a bit more bold.

Never thought I liked Earl Grey until now

Typically Earl Grey teas are just a little too bitter and citrusy for me; the bergamot over powers every time. The vanilla mellows out the citrus and makes for a smooth and highly drinkable tea, even for those who aren't a fan of traditional Earl Grey. The flavors are rich but do not over power the tea at all. High recommend giving this a try!!

A Perfect EGC

I looove Earl Grey Cremes, and this is one of the very finest I've tried. Rich, smooth, and silky, like vanilla pudding in a cup. Or a heavily frosted lemon cupcake! The bergamot isn't overwhelmed by the vanilla but stands up well, and this is easily identifiable as an EG. And the best part? It resteeps quite well!

Not my favorite

This Earl Grey was nice and smooth, but I hardly tasted the bergamot. I was disappointed, because this has the potential to be a sensational tea.


Yum! The black tea base is smooth and this blend contains just enough vanilla to complement the bergamot without muting it. The vanilla also adds a slight sweetness and creaminess to the tea that negates the need for milk or sugar. I love the way the dry leaves smell and this tea is great served hot or cold.


This tea is great! I bought this to introduce myself to earl grey because I wasn't sure I would like the flavor of bergamot. This is fantastic and the leaves have an amazing smell. It's so smooth and has the perfect amount of sweetness and bergamot. I'll be back for more!


This tea is delicious! I smell my tin of this about 10x as often as I drink it. It is a bit strong for my tastes, but it's still yummy. A friend of mine described it as smelling like cream soda... another said a cake! Either way, yum!

I think I'm in love!

I could sip on this all day, it's such a wonderful black tea. It smells and tastes so fresh, and it's citrus quality is like nothing I've experienced before! Well done Persimmon Tree!

Rachel Davies
A new favorite

This tea has the most incredible aroma, and it's so rich and creamy. I would have to say it's probably in my top five teas of all time.

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