Hearing Aids for Adam

Adam Hanly is a young man living in Kansas City, Missouri. At a very young age, Adam suffered from an ear infection that would change his life forever. Years after his initial infection, he is still suffering debilitating hearing loss. He needs an additional 85 decibels to each ear, which requires a high-powered device with enough power and channels to stand in for the frequencies that suffer severe hearing.

Meet Adam Hanly


Hearing Aids for Adam Hanly will cost $7,500.  The money that Adam has been saving is not close to the amount required for hearing aids.  We agreed that we could actually help Adam reach his goals and improve his quality of life.

The Persimmon Tree®, in a fund-raising effort, is offering to contribute $1 of every loose-leaf tea tin sale to buy Hearing Aids for Adam.  The funds will go directly to the medical organization that will provide the equipment.

How You Can Help

For every tin of loose leaf-tea that is purchased using the discount code adam The Persimmon Tree® will contribute $1 to Hearing Aids for Adam.

Tea accessories, tea filters, infusers, rock sugar, and gift certificates do not apply.

Orders that are refunded will subtract from the qualifying contributions.

To donate directly to Adam, click here.

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