Rock Sugar

Pure German Rock Sugar cane is milder than granulated white sugar. White sugar can affect the taste and often mask the complexity of tea, but these unprocessed natural rock sugar crystals enhance the natural sweetness of your tea without changing the flavor. When you buy our Rock Sugar, you can indulge in its purity and taste it the way nature intended.

How German rock sugar crystals are made:

Rock sugar crystals are pure cane sugar that is crystallized through a heating and cooling process that originated in Germany. This process allows large sugar crystals to form, which are then coated with caramelized sugar and allowed to dry, creating a delicious German sugar crystal mixture for you to enjoy.

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German Rock Sugar

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Steeping Instructions

Steeping loose leaf tea is easy. Simply spoon 1-2 tsp of desired tea into a tea filter or infuser. Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil and leave to cool just a little.

Pour water over tea and steep. Refer to individual tea information (above) for recommended temperature and brewing time.

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This has a very subtle, gentle sweetness that doesn't overpower the flavor of the tea.

The New Sweetener Standard

It's rare for a product to live up to a sales pitch; this is one of those few times. This rock sugar adds a subtle sweetness to any tea, yet in no way does it mask its flavor. It's quite an experience to have, and one that I was pretty skeptical on before trying it. I have no idea how it could accomplish such a thing, but if you like sweetness and don't want to compromise the flavor of your leaves then this is definitely worth at least a try.

If you are unsure then consider trying the sample pack. It lets you choose five flavors for the same price and also includes a sample of this sweetener, enough for a surprising number of cups [ Or one or two extremely sweet cups i'd imagine.]

Much better than your average sugar

I got a sample of the german rock sugar, and I am addicted. I have a friend that eats the sugar pieces whole. She loves the stuff.

Amazing Deal!!!

I've searched online for hours trying to find the best source for German Rock Sugar, and I must say that Persimmon Tree Tea Company is the best place to get it. They have a far better quality sugar than the other company I've purchased it from, plus it comes with a great reusable jar! It's a great deal! On top of that, the sugar makes any tea taste AMAZING for those with a sweet tooth. I will definitely be purchasing more from here.


I use 2 teaspoons of this stuff, I love my tea sweet its jsut perfect and really not that much of a differencein taste than real sugar

Healthy product!

Much healthier than regular, white, processed sugar that, I am told, actually interferes with the absorption of the antioxidents in the tea. I will always use rock sugar instead of regular sugar. The more natural the form, the healthier it has to be!

Jean Martz
Love this sugar

I love this sugar! It makes regular tea so exciting. It adds a very light sweetness.

Tea Sugar

This should be called "tea sugar" because it's made for tea. I hardly ever sweeten my tea or coffee, but this sugar isn't too strong; you know your tea is sweeter but it's not too overpowering. This stuff is great to have when I'm in the mood for something a little sweet.

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