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  • By Lynthea

    Tea Lover

    This tea is wonderful. It really helps sooth my upset stomach, make me better focused at work, and assist with my breathing difficulties. I recommend this tea to everyone.

  • By Kristina

    Good for Colds

    I bought this tea because echinacea was listed as an ingredient. I have done some research about drinking echinacea tea to help relieve cold symptoms and decided to try it. This tea tastes much better than the bags of echinacea tea that you can buy at the big box stores. Everything blends together and no ingredient overpowers the others. I have had it plain and also with honey and lemon. I have already finished my first tin and need to order another. This tea also tastes great iced.

  • By Kristina

    A Beautiful Tea

    I bought a sample of this tea and loved it. First, the dry leaf mixed with the petals is absolutely beautiful. I steeped it in my clear tea press so I could watch it steep. The flavor was delicate and the mint did not take over, as I was afraid that it might. I drank mine without sweetener, but my teenage son added a sugar cube and some milk to it and really loved it. I think it would also taste nice iced. I will be adding this one to my wish list.

  • By Kristina

    A Nice Cup of Tea

    I enjoyed this sample. Lovely to look at and the flavors blend well.

  • By Kristina

    Wonderful Cup of Tea

    This is one of my favorite Persimmon Tree teas. Add some sugar and a little almond milk and it is a nice tea to satisfy sweet cravings. It is a great evening tea, since there is no caffeine in it. It is sweet and creamy and quite original. Love it!