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  • By Kayla

    Very Enjoyable

    The fruit flavors and spices of this tea balance each other well. This was my first green rooibos. Very enjoyable!

  • By amanda


    The aroma is a typical English Breakfast, malty, bright, and a tiny bit of oak wood. Just what you expect from a breakfast tea without being too strong. The taste is great! Perfectly balanced with a blend of sweetness, malt, and a brisk finish. Good straight or good with cream and sugar.

  • By Karin

    Not so wonderful.....

    I really wanted to love this tea. Wanted a great dessert tea to get me through the sweet cravings. No matter how much tea I use or the temp/time that I steep it, I haven't come close to the wonderful reviews this tea gets. I have to be doing something wrong but can't figure it out.

  • By Kayla


    I don't know what guava tastes like but this tea was wonderfully fruity and tasty. I can't wait to try this iced!

  • By Karin

    Good Any Time!

    It pays to use the correct temperature.... Since I have really gotten into teas, I have learned that this is not something made up by "tea snobs". This tea has had the most dramatic change in flavor since getting a variable temp electric kettle. I was disappointed in the flavor before and can't drink enough of this after! So smooth, not overly green or caramel. Another great blend!